Appendix Pain Symptoms

Appendix Pain Symptoms

Information Regarding Appendix Pain and Appendix Pain Symptoms
Appendix is a tube like part of the human body which is closed from one end and is attached to the Cecum from the other end like a worm. In anatomical terms, it is called as vermiform appendix meaning worm-like addition. Like other parts of the body, appendix may also indulge you in severe pain which is termed as appendicitis. If not taken care of properly at the right time, it may lead to dire consequences. Hence special care and attention is desired to get away with appendix pain and appendix pain symptoms as soon as possible. Read about hemroid symptoms and causes. Read about appendix location and appendix pain location.
What are the symptoms of appendix pain?

Some of the most probable symptoms of appendix pain may include nausea, fever, loss of appetite, constipation, back pain, vomiting, Diarrhea, problems in bowel movement and above all, abdominal pain.

  • Loss of appetite: This is among one of the most common symptoms of appendix pain. If not treated in the early stages, it may even advance to nausea and vomiting.
  • Abdominal pain: In most of the cases, abdominal pain originates from the belly button and gradually shifts towards the lower right abdomen. However, it is only one of the conditions and is not any hard and fast rule. Hence, if the pain is felt in some other part of the belly, the possibility of appendicitis cannot be ruled out. Such a poorly localized pain occurs when the problem is restricted to the colon or small intestine that is associated with the appendix.

Signs of Appendix Pain
Appendix Symptoms: The pain normally aggravates between 6 to 12 hours and sometimes may further intensify to a severe level. The affected patients are likely to get fever with temperature ranging between 100° to 102°f. The muscles at the right portion of the abdomen may become rigid that could be corrected by doing some simple workout such as lying down and lifting the knees close to the chest.

What causes appendix pain?
In simple words, appendix pain or appendicitis is the inflammation of appendix and is caused due to blockage of its open part that connects to the cecum. It is mainly caused due to the infection of appendix wall by the bacteria contained within it that keep on multiplying in numbers. This tends the body to counter attack the bacteria invasion, which results into inflammation. It could also be a hereditary disease that keeps on affecting the coming generations.

In some cases, injury to abdomen due to some trauma like situation may also be a cause of appendix pain.

Treatment of Appendix Pain
In most cases, appendicitis is best treated by surgery being carried out by expert medical practitioners. However, if by providing intravenous antibiotics and waiting for the results to surface within the next 1 to 2 days could relieve the patients; the need for surgery could be further curtailed down.

Appendix Pain in Kids
Appendix pain among children is diagnosed as simple stomach pain most of the times and hence is dismissed. This may lead to threatening consequences and is likely to end up ruptured appendix. Hence, instead of overlooking their pain, the need is to provide immediate medical attention.