Appendix Location

Appendix Location

Appendix Location-Where is the Appendix
The appendix is basically a thin tube, almost four inches long in normal human body. The long tube shaped appendix rests on the splice of the small as well as large intestine. The location of appendix is identified to be in the right quarter of the abdomen. However, some people may have their appendix in the middle of their abdomen. There may also be the case (1 in 8500 people) whereby, a person may have some or all of his organs on the opposite side – Situs inversus.

appendix location

Every attribute of this small organ, be it location or utility, is entangled in controversy. The function of appendix as mentioned is questionable. In the past, it was believed to be the part of digestive tract, which supposedly helped to breakdown cellulose (found in plants: barks, leaves). The appendix also has a lining filled with antibody producing tissue, entitling it to our body’s immune system. Moreover, the appendix secretes mucus, making its case even more confusing.

The appendix, mostly, is unnoticed till it gets infected or inflamed (appendicitis). The location of this organ is the major reason for it to be prone to such infections. Cases of appendicitis are mostly reported in people of ages 10–30. Common appendix pain symptoms include:

  • A radiating pain in the navel region, coursing through to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen.
  • Increasing pain, accompanied by tenderness in the lower right abdominal area.
  • Walking, jumping, etc. may cause the pain to aggravate.
  • Other symptoms like nausea, constipation, fever, poor feeding and flatulence may follow the pain.

The standard treatment for appendicitis entails surgically removing the infected/inflamed appendix. The appendix, in extreme cases, is known to harbor epithelial tumors, which may be benign or cancerous. Another alternative diagnosis for appendicitis is the use of antibiotics, known to treat the infection that causes the symptoms listed above; however, they alone cannot cure appendicitis.

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